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Definition of Temperature

Temperature is the measure of the average kinetic energy of molecules in an object.

Absolute Temperature Scale

Kelvin is the temperature unit named after the Irish physicist and engineer William Lord Kelvin, the inventor of the thermodynamic, absolute scale.

The scale beginning at absolute zero only has one direction, defined as 1/273.16 of the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water.

The Kelvin is defined as a certain fraction of the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water.

This fraction is 1/273.16 exactly.

The symbol for the unit and scale Kelvin is K.

Make sure to understand that in contrast to degrees Celsius, Kelvin is not referred to as degree.

The Kelvin scale is the scientific standard temperature.

Celsius Temperature Scale

The unit Celsius is also known as centigrade.

It was called so until it was renamed in honor of Anders Celsius, a Swedish astronomer, who invented the centigrade scale similar to the Celsius scale used nowadays, but which was in reverse order.

Both, the unit as well as the scale, are defined by the temperature absolute zero, and the triple point of Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water.

Thus, Celsius is a relative scale as it can have positive and negative values.

The degree symbol or degree sign for degrees Celsius is °C.

In daily life, such as to measure the human body temperature, the Celsius scale is normally used.

Degrees Celsius and Kelvin can refer to both, a specific temperature on the scale named after its developer, as well as to the unit under consideration to indicate the difference between two temperatures or a temperature interval.

Kelvin to Celsius Formula

The Kelvin to Celsius conversion formula is as follows:

°C = K – 273.15

Try to remember this formula by the number 273.15, along with the fact that the temperature in Celsius is always 273.15 lower than measured in Kelvin.

As follows from this, the two temperatures scales don’t intersect at any point.

Convert Kelvin to Celsius

From the Kelvin to Celsius formula above we can deduct that to convert the temperature one has to subtract 273.15 from the temperature in Kelvin.

For example, to change 300 K to °C, deduct 273.15 from 300 to obtain 26.85 Celsius.

Another example of how to convert Kelvin to Celsius with 100 K:

[°C] = 100 – 273.15 = -173.15 Celsius.

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Additional Information on K to C

Here we have some pieces of information about K to °C which you might want to know.

  • Kelvin is base unit in the International System of Units known as SI.
  • The unit Celsius is derived from Kelvin.
  • Kelvin is the rule in scientific temperature measurement.
  • Celsius is the standard for daily use in many countries, such as in Europe for example.
  • Absolute zero, the lowest temperature possible by the laws of thermodynamics, is defined as being precisely 0 Kelvin.
  • 1 K = 1 °C in temperature intervals. You may verify this temperature difference using the formula.
  • Absolute zero: 0 K ⇔ −273.15 °C.
  • Precise triple point of Water: 273.16 K ⇔ 0.01 °C.
  • Precise boiling point of water at 1 atm: 373.1339 K ⇔ 99.9839 °C.

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Kelvin to Celsius Chart

0 K-273.15 °CAbsolute Zero Temperature
50 K-223.15 °C
100 K-173.15 °C
150 K-123.15 °C
200 K-73.15 °C
250 K-23.15 °C
251 K-22.15 °C
252 K-21.15 °C
253 K-20.15 °C
254 K-19.15 °C
255 K-18.15 °C
256 K-17.15 °C
257 K-16.15 °C
258 K-15.15 °C
259 K-14.15 °C
260 K-13.15 °C
261 K-12.15 °C
262 K-11.15 °C
263 K-10.15 °C
264 K-9.15 °C
265 K-8.15 °C
266 K-7.15 °C
267 K-6.15 °C
268 K-5.15 °C
269 K-4.15 °C
270 K-3.15 °C
271 K-2.15 °C
272 K-1.15 °C
273.15 K0 °CFreezing Temperature of Water
274 K0.85 °C
275 K1.85 °C
276 K2.85 °C
277 K3.85 °C
278 K4.85 °C
279 K5.85 °C
280 K6.85 °C
281 K7.85 °C
282 K8.85 °C
283 K9.85 °C
284 K10.85 °C
285 K11.85 °C
286 K12.85 °C
287 K13.85 °C
288 K14.85 °C
289 K15.85 °C
290 K16.85 °C
291 K17.85 °C
292 K18.85 °C
293 K19.85 °C
294 K20.85 °C
295 K21.85 °C
296 K22.85 °C
297 K23.85 °C
298 K24.85 °C
299 K25.85 °C
300 K26.85 °C
301 K27.85 °C
302 K28.85 °C
303 K29.85 °C
304 K30.85 °C
305 K31.85 °C
306 K32.85 °C
307 K33.85 °C
308 K34.85 °C
309 K35.85 °C
310.15 K37 °CAverage Body Temperature
311 K37.85 °C
312 K38.85 °C
313 K39.85 °C
314 K40.85 °C
315 K41.85 °C
316 K42.85 °C
317 K43.85 °C
318 K44.85 °C
319 K45.85 °C
320 K46.85 °C
321 K47.85 °C
322 K48.85 °C
323 K49.85 °C
324 K50.85 °C
325 K51.85 °C
326 K52.85 °C
327 K53.85 °C
328 K54.85 °C
329 K55.85 °C
330 K56.85 °C
331 K57.85 °C
332 K58.85 °C
333 K59.85 °C
334 K60.85 °C
335 K61.85 °C
336 K62.85 °C
337 K63.85 °C
338 K64.85 °C
339 K65.85 °C
340 K66.85 °C
341 K67.85 °C
342 K68.85 °C
343 K69.85 °C
344 K70.85 °C
345 K71.85 °C
346 K72.85 °C
347 K73.85 °C
348 K74.85 °C
349 K75.85 °C
350 K76.85 °C
351 K77.85 °C
352 K78.85 °C
353 K79.85 °C
354 K80.85 °C
355 K81.85 °C
356 K82.85 °C
357 K83.85 °C
358 K84.85 °C
359 K85.85 °C
360 K86.85 °C
361 K87.85 °C
362 K88.85 °C
363 K89.85 °C
364 K90.85 °C
365 K91.85 °C
366 K92.85 °C
367 K93.85 °C
368 K94.85 °C
369 K95.85 °C
370 K96.85 °C
371 K97.85 °C
372 K98.85 °C
373.15 K100 °CBoiling Temperature of Water
400 K126.85 °C
500 K226.85 °C
600 K326.85 °C
700 K426.85 °C
800 K526.85 °C
900 K626.85 °C
1000 K726.85 °C