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The unit Celsius is also known as centigrade, because it was called so until it was renamed in honor of Anders Celsius, a Swedish astronomer, who invented a temperature scale similar to the Celsius scale used nowadays, but which was in reverse order.

Both, the unit as well as the scale, are defined by the temperature absolute zero, and the triple point of Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water.

Thus, Celsius is a relative scale as it can have positive and negative values. The symbol for degrees Celsius is °C.

Kelvin is the temperature unit named in honor of William Lord Kelvin, an Irish physicist and engineer, who invented the thermodynamic, absolute scale which only has one one direction.

The Kelvin is defined as a certain fraction of the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water.

This fraction is 1/273.16 exactly.

The symbol for Kelvin is K. Note that in contrast to degree Celsius or degree centigrade, the Kelvin is not referred to as degree.

Degrees Celsius and Kelvin can refer to both, a specific temperature on the scale named after its developer, as well as to the unit under consideration to indicate the difference between two temperatures or a temperature interval.

Celsius to Kelvin Formula

The Celsius to Kelvin formula is as follows:

[K] = [°C] + 273.15

You may remember this formula by the number 273.15, coupled with the fact that the temperature in Kelvin is always 273.15 higher than in centigrades.

In contrast to Fahrenheit to Celsius, the two temperatures scales under consideration here don’t intersect at any point.

Read on to learn about the conversion in the next paragraph.

Convert Celsius to Kelvin

As follows from the Celsius to Kelvin formula above, to convert Celsius to Kelvin add 273.15 to the temperature in Celsius.

For example, to change 50 °C to K, sum 50 and 273.15 to obtain 323.15 kelvin.

Another example of how to convert Celsius to Kelvin with negative 10 °C: [K] = -10 + 273.15 = 263.15 Kelvin.

Alternatively, you can use our temperature converter below.

Celsius to Kelvin Converter

Enter the temperature in Celsius, our calculator then does the rest for you automatically.

Press the button only if you like to swap the conversion to type Kelvin to Celsius.

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C to K

Here we have some facts about °C to K which might be of interest to you.

  • Celsius is a SI derived unit. °C is derived from Kelvin. Whereas the former temperature unit is used in many countries on daily basis and perhaps still called centigrade, the latter is usually the rule for scientific purposes
  • The lowest temperature possible by the laws of thermodynamics, absolute zero, is defined as being precisely −273.15 °C
  • For temperature intervals: 1 °C = 1 K. You can verify this using the formula
  • −273.15 °C ⇔ 0 K is absolute zero
  • 0.01 °C ⇔ 273.16 K is the precise triple point of water
  • 99.9839 °C ⇔ 373.1339 K is the precise boiling point of water at 1 atm

Celsius to Kelvin Chart

-273.15 °C0 KAbsolute Zero Temperature
-50 °C223.15 K
-40 °C233.15 K
-30 °C243.15 K
-29 °C244.15 K
-28 °C245.15 K
-27 °C246.15 K
-26 °C247.15 K
-25 °C248.15 K
-24 °C249.15 K
-23 °C250.15 K
-22 °C251.15 K
-21 °C252.15 K
-20 °C253.15 K
-19 °C254.15 K
-18 °C255.15 K
-17 °C256.15 K
-16 °C257.15 K
-15 °C258.15 K
-14 °C259.15 K
-13 °C260.15 K
-12 °C261.15 K
-11 °C262.15 K
-10 °C263.15 K
-9 °C264.15 K
-8 °C265.15 K
-7 °C266.15 K
-6 °C267.15 K
-5 °C268.15 K
-4 °C269.15 K
-3 °C270.15 K
-2 °C271.15 K
-1 °C272.15 K
0 °C273.15 KFreezing Temperature of Water
1 °C274.15 K
2 °C275.15 K
3 °C276.15 K
4 °C277.15 K
5 °C278.15 K
6 °C279.15 K
7 °C280.15 K
8 °C281.15 K
9 °C282.15 K
10 °C283.15 K
11 °C284.15 K
12 °C285.15 K
13 °C286.15 K
14 °C287.15 K
15 °C288.15 K
16 °C289.15 K
17 °C290.15 K
18 °C291.15 K
19 °C292.15 K
20 °C293.15 K
21 °C294.15 K
22 °C295.15 K
23 °C296.15 K
24 °C297.15 K
25 °C298.15 K
26 °C299.15 K
27 °C300.15 K
28 °C301.15 K
29 °C302.15 K
30 °C303.15 K
31 °C304.15 K
32 °C305.15 K
33 °C306.15 K
34 °C307.15 K
35 °C308.15 K
36 °C309.15 K
37 °C310.15 KAverage Body Temperature
38 °C311.15 K
39 °C312.15 K
40 °C313.15 K
41 °C314.15 K
42 °C315.15 K
43 °C316.15 K
44 °C317.15 K
45 °C318.15 K
46 °C319.15 K
47 °C320.15 K
48 °C321.15 K
49 °C322.15 K
50 °C323.15 K
51 °C324.15 K
52 °C325.15 K
53 °C326.15 K
54 °C327.15 K
55 °C328.15 K
56 °C329.15 K
57 °C330.15 K
58 °C331.15 K
59 °C332.15 K
60 °C333.15 K
61 °C334.15 K
62 °C335.15 K
63 °C336.15 K
64 °C337.15 K
65 °C338.15 K
66 °C339.15 K
67 °C340.15 K
68 °C341.15 K
69 °C342.15 K
70 °C343.15 K
71 °C344.15 K
72 °C345.15 K
73 °C346.15 K
74 °C347.15 K
75 °C348.15 K
76 °C349.15 K
77 °C350.15 K
78 °C351.15 K
79 °C352.15 K
80 °C353.15 K
81 °C354.15 K
82 °C355.15 K
83 °C356.15 K
84 °C357.15 K
85 °C358.15 K
86 °C359.15 K
87 °C360.15 K
88 °C361.15 K
89 °C362.15 K
90 °C363.15 K
91 °C364.15 K
92 °C365.15 K
93 °C366.15 K
94 °C367.15 K
95 °C368.15 K
96 °C369.15 K
97 °C370.15 K
98 °C371.15 K
99 °C372.15 K
100 °C373.15 KBoiling Temperature of Water
200 °C473.15 K
300 °C573.15 K
400 °C673.15 K
500 °C773.15 K
600 °C873.15 K
700 °C973.15 K
800 °C1073.15 K
900 °C1173.15 K
1000 °C1273.15 K

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